Why do people use a MacBook

The MacBook Air is a dead laptop walking. Or is it?When Apple released its new MacBook Pros, which are thinner and much more powerful than the Air, but decided not to refresh its mainstream consumer laptop, the company sounded the latter's eventual death knell. I don't think there will ever be another new MacBook Air released.Tim Cook's company has a long history of continuing to manufacture and sell obsolete versions of its products (see iPod touch) so it's no surprise that Apple is still offering the 13-inch MacBook Air, which hasn't been updated in close to two years.

Which are the main Indian banks

The banking sector is the backbone of Indian economy. This article is useful for you if you want to know the top 10 banks in India in terms of size and market capitalization. Market capitalization is a pretty useful tool for investors to know the aggregate valuation of the company.

Why are developers abondoning Apple Watch

 Major apps abandoning Apple Watch, including Google Maps, Amazon & eBay [u] By Neil HughesMonday, May 01, 2017, 11:15 am PT (02:15 pm ET)In recent months, major companies that offered dedicated Apple Watch apps have since abandoned the platform, quietly removing support for watchOS in updates submitted to the App Store. In the last few weeks, the latest update for Google Maps on iOS ditched support for the Apple Watch. Its removal was not mentioned in the release notes, and Google has not indicated whether support for watchOS will be reinstated. It's the same story with Amazon and eBay, both of which previously included Apple Watch support in their iOS apps. Both were updated in late April, and as of Monday, neither includes an Apple Watch app. While shopping on Amazon from your wrist may seem somewhat superfluous, the eBay app for Apple Watch did allow users to track bid statuses.

What will kill neoliberalism

Writer-director Todd Phillips’ “Joker” is a dark, enthralling, challenging, and seductive film about how a cruel and indifferent world can create a human monster. Joaquin Phoenix gives an Oscar-worthy performance in the starring role of Arthur Fleck, the man who eventually becomes the comic book superhero Batman’s archrival.“Joker” deftly weaves in elements of Martin Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver” and “King of Comedy” as well as “Network” and other films to great effect.“Joker” also rejects the simple storytelling conventions and archetypes of good and evil, or right and wrong, that are typical of the Hollywood superhero genre.The first signal to this comes early in the film when the city of Gotham — which is in the midst of a sanitation workers strike — is described as a place where “super cats” may have to be used to stop a plague of “super rats.” Many critics have condemned “Joker” as messy, boring, problematic, irresponsible, overly violent or perhaps even “dangerous.” This hectoring is a function of many things. But it is primarily rooted in how Phoenix and Phillips have offer an empathetic portrayal of a psychotic, antisocial character.“Joker” is an especially challenging film because, for some viewers and critics, any effort to empathize or sympathize with Arthur Fleck and/or the Joker feels like an indictment of their own sense of virtue and self-righteousness.

How do you hire a framing contractor

When it comes to remodeling your house, who do you hire — an architect or a contractor? The choice isn’t always obvious, which is why we’re going to provide some guidance in this post.Architect vs. Contractor: What’s the Difference?In simple terms, architects are responsible for creating designs that contractors ultimately implement. To look at it another way, you can think of architects as combining artistry and engineering while contractors carry out the hands-on work that delivers on the architect’s plan.Let’s take a deeper dive into the roles of an architect and contractor to better understand which your project needs.Architect vs.

Is China ruled by government capitalism?no_redirect=1

One of the great ironies revealed by the global recession that began in 2008 is that Communist Party–ruled China may be doing a better job managing capitalism's crisis than the democratically elected U.S. government. Beijing's stimulus spending was larger, infinitely more effective at overcoming the slowdown and directed at laying the infrastructural tracks for further economic expansion.As Western democracies shuffle wheezily forward, China's economy roars along at a steady clip, having lifted some half a billion people out of poverty over the past three decades and rapidly created the world's largest middle class to provide an engine for long-term domestic consumer demand. Sure, there's massive social inequality, but there always is in a capitalist system.

Does anyone find Fortnite boring

You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.:/ It felt really fresh when I started but like the Game becomes its own commitment. I’m not particularly good at it.

Is Metro available from Delhi airport

Connecting Terminal 1Officials said the fare at the Terminal 1 station will be normal and it will be connected to the airport terminal through two tunnels with walkalatorsAmong the longest stationsName of station: Terminal 1 – IGI AirportStation length: 312.2m (Normally underground stations are around 260m)Entry/exit points: 5 Two tunnels to connect domestic airport and Metro stationOther exit points: Mehram Nagar; near police station; just before ramp to departure areaDepth of the station: 16mEstimated ridership: 66,405 at launch; to rise to 97,184 by 2021Trains can be reversed from this station in order to maintain better frequencyDelhi airport’s Terminal 1 has a capacity of 18 million passengers per annum which will increase to 30 million post expansionTravel time to stations: 20 minutes from Nehru Place; 50 minutes from Lakshmi Nagar; 30 minutes from Punjabi Bagh; 40 minutes from Vishwavidyalaya (north campus); 35 minutes from Noida; 35 minutes from Faridabad; and 30 minutes from GurgaonDecorationsStation to have bright interiors as granite, stainless steel, and colourful ceramic tiles are being usedThe ceramic tiles will not only add colour, they are also easy to clean and maintainThe attractive designs will be printed on the toughened glass panelsThese glass panels maybe used for advertising laterAttractive panels for a pleasant ambiencePassengers travelling on the Magenta Line, who have flights from T3, can get down at T1 and take the feeder service for T2 and T3.Officials said the fare of this section will be normal and the station will be connected to the terminal through a subway with walkalators.“Residents of west Delhi areas such as Punjabi Bagh, Netaji Subhash Place can take the new Mukundpur-Yamuna Vihar corridor, change at Rajouri Garden and then take existing Dwarka-Noida/Vaishali line and reach Janakpuri West to go to T1,” the spokesperson added.The line will also benefit people living in north and central Delhi as they can take the HUDA City Centre-Samaipur Badli line to reach Hauz Khas and board for the airport. The journey on the Metro is expected to take 40 minutes from Vishwavidyala, which takes over an hour by road.Once the entire line is functional, Noida will have a direct connectivity to the airport, while people coming from Faridabad can interchange at Kalkaji Mandir and those coming from Gurgaon can take the airport-bound train from Hauz Khas.Terminal 1, from where domestic flights of Indigo and SpiceJet operate, sees movement of almost 30,000 passengers daily. The airport operator has also planned expansion of Terminal 1 and the capacity of the terminal will be increased to 30 million per annum from 18 million per annum.Even as one-third of the domestic flights are expected to move to T2, DMRC officials say the airport station will be popular among low-cost air travellers.Keeping the need of air passengers in mind, the station will have some special features.

Why is Brainfuck so hated

On Stack Overflow Jobs, you can create your own Developer Story to showcase your achievements and advance your career. One option you have when creating a Developer Story is to add tags you would like to work with or would not like to work with:This offers us an opportunity to examine the opinions of hundreds of thousands of developers. There are many ways to measure the popularity of a language; for example, we’ve often used Stack Overflow visits or question views to measure such trends.

Do you enjoy raves without using drugs

You love music. Who doesn’t?  But the raves you once attended were also just as much about the drug culture and now you’ve been in recovery for a year, you’re about ready to try raving again  only, of course, this time, without the drugs. Raving without drugs. Is that possible?So what can you do ahead of time to help you deal with the temptations?How do you soak up the beats and trance without being distracted by drugs?What is Coachella like for those of us in recovery?Raving Without Drugs: Here is a great list of ways to enjoy life.Practice Dancing: Like the way that person moves on the dance floor.

How many culture does Afghanistan have

The typical diet in Afghanistan is bread with a watery soup, some onions, a potato, perhaps a bone and some yogurt or oil. One third of the population is hungry or in danger of starving – humanitarian groups call this being “food insecure.” Another third of the population is on the border of food insecurity.In the old days, before their country was overrun by foreigners, Afghans could produce enough to eat by subsistence farming – growing enough to feed one’s family. Between the disruptions of armed conflict and an inadequate, unpredictable rainfall, that’s no longer possible. Afghans must earn money to buy food. So the problem is not simply a lack of food, but the lack of money to purchase whatever food is available.

Is Australia also making changes like us

The mass murder in Newtown Connecticut a year ago caused shock and sorrow all around the world. In Australia it also revived memories of our own horror on a similar scale, when dozens of people innocently going about their day were gunned down by a disturbed young man.Our tragedy occurred in 1996 at the Port Arthur historic site in Tasmania, one of Australia's most popular tourist destinations. The dead numbered 35, with more than 20 others injured.

What is the greatest number in Roman

HISTORY + 114 . MDCCLXXVI +114…UNITEDKING+114TRUTH+87,EIGHT49 , SEVEN65,… 87+49=114Please bring original HISTORY .Six thousand journalists are suppressing the truth of history but in one day it will come out… Now we are in 21st century there were times former journalist exposed truth and sacrificed their precious life for the sake of truth, they unveiled the real history. Perhaps contradicting to their present power and money clouded their mind and our upcoming generation becomes a victim.We do not believe politicians as we used to, we do not believe the media, and whereas we believe each other.” Y afraid BBC staff, Queen ElizabethThanking you M.S.MOHAMED ANSARIPragmatism has now fallen foul of the continuing power of the press.http://costofwar.com/http://edition.cnn.com/SPECIALS/war.casualties/ind...http://openlibrary.org/authors/OL3647712A/World_Me... Economic save only 6 point. Peace, prayer, liberty, unity, friendly,simple .

Can you post your most recent writing

The best writing practices.Everybody wants to know the secret to success, and writers are no exception.We often talk about all the things one must do in order to become a successful writer. From studying grammar to working through multiple revisions, from sending out submissions to building a platform, writers must wear many hats if they hope to succeed.However, most of those tasks are irrelevant (and success is impossible) if a writer hasn’t acquired the basic skills necessary for doing the work. There’s no reason to worry about submissions, readers, and marketing if your writing habits and skills aren’t up to the task of getting the project done. You might have a great premise for a story, but if you don’t know how to write a story—or if you don’t have the discipline to finish a story—you’ll never be able to bring that premise to life, at least not in a way that is effective or meaningful.So it’s essential for young and new writers to develop beneficial writing practices to ensure not only that the writing gets done—but that it gets done well.Essential Writing PracticesThere are many writing practices that you can cultivate.

What are some college application hacks tips

College applications can feel overwhelming, but by using these tips, you can be sure to make the most of the process and put yourself on the track forward toward your goals.Choose wisely to win big!Not all colleges are the same because not all students are the same. Your personality and academic goals should guide your search for schools, whether in-state or out-of-state.  Instead of following the crowd, explore your own path by considering the following things about a school:Where they rank in your subject of interest: Rankings are somewhat subjective, but it is a rough indication of the strengths of a college. You wouldn’t buy a smartphone sold by the Girl Scouts because clearly, their expertise is in delicious cookies.

What is Ghani oil

Key difference: As their name suggests, both mustard and mustard seed oils are obtained from the traditional mustard seeds. Though their name sounds similar, they have some distinctive differences between them.Mustard oil and Mustard seed oil, sounds same and hence these oils are considered to be the same; it is true that they “are same”, but; the fact is “such is not the case”. Although their name sounds similar, they have some distinctive differences between them.

Are there regional accents in Poland

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How is unemployment a cause of corruption

Corruption is one of the biggest threat to the well-being of a society.Corruption degrades the quality of the services and also ruins the life of the common man. Many countries in the world are affected by this problem called corruption.Political parties who promised to stop and take steps to eradicate corruption have been voted for power. This shows the significance of corruption free society and government.Unlike like developed countries, corruption is at a high rate in developing countries.

Which African country has the best weather

8. India This south Asian country experience year-round hot temperature especially southern cities are hottest one. Majestic Himalaya’s stops cold winds from central Asia and winter are also too short that why average annual temperate goes up.

What is the British slang for umbrella

Words like naff, escalope, biro and invigilator that never made the trip across the ocean.Earlier this week, I covered the results of a 600,000 person study on English words that Americans almost universally know but the British don’t. Today, we’ll do the flip side.Here are 11 words that are widely known in the U.K. but sparsely known in the U.S.1 | tippex (known by 91 percent of British people and seven percent of Americans)The 91-7 spread is the largest of any word on either list.