How does milk spoil

The short answer is yes. Just like cow’s milk, almond milk can deteriorate over time. In fact, it can quickly go rancid if it is left at room temperature.

There are several signs that almond milk has gone bad. One surefire way of telling that the milk has gone rancid is when its smell has turned bad. Spoiled almond milk has a sour odor.

Commercially available almond milk that has gone bad also has cartons that look bloated. And when you pour the milk into a glass, you will see that it has become discolored.

Spoiled almond milk has a different texture too. It isn’t as smooth and creamy as it used to be.

Commercially available almond milk has a sell-by date, meaning that the product should not be sold beyond the date indicated on the package. I would suggest that you check the sell-by date first before pouring the milk into a glass.

But what if the milk separates? Does this mean that it has gone bad?

Well, not really. In fact, any almond milk separates. It is normal and thus should not be taken as a sign of the milk going rancid. Simply shake the almond milk before using it.